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Which products are included in Crocoblock subscription?
Depending on the subscription type you’ve purchased, you might get four different product sets perfectly fit for your purpose.
The Design set fully suits for creating webpage designs and styling all kinds of content. It includes 8 powerful plugins.
The E-commerce set will be perfect if you’re looking for the products to boost your online store or even build it from scratch. It includes 4 more plugins along with the ones needed for design.
The Multitool set is the best choice if you’re looking for the tools to build a website with the complex structure, custom post types, post relations, and taxonomies, need to add a booking form or want to work with dynamic functionality. The package includes all the plugins for design as well as JetEngine and JetSearch.

There’s also an all inclusive Lifetime subscription plan that includes all the products available at Crocoblock.

All the plans represented above include a free Kava theme, a set of pre-designed demos and popup templates within JetPopup plugin’s library, and come with premium professional support.
Please, note, that with time the list of the plugins and the functionality of the packages will be extende
What are the technical requirements needed to use Crocoblock?
Please, make sure all the requirements listed below are met in order for Crocoblock products to work smoothly:
  • PHP 7.2 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 256 Mb or larger;
  • SSL certificate on the server;
  • TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1 , 1.2 , or 1.3.
Is it possible to use the products from Crocoblock subscription to create websites?
Yes, you can use the products from Crocoblock subscription or acquired as separate items to create the websites for end-users. Please, note, that the terms of using the products from Crocoblock depend on the license type you’ve acquired. However, you shouldn’t pass your account details or the license keys to any third-parties.
In how many websites can I use Crocoblock?
In case you’ve acquired the Single Yearly license type, it allows using products from Crocoblock only on one website for one year.
In case you’ve been using Crocoblock subscription on the staging website, and now you need to transfer it to the live website, you can do it by deactivating the license for the staging site and activating it on the live website.
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